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Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T) Service

All portable appliances must be tested and maintained on a regular basis. A Portable Appliance is anything that you plug in.

There are seven main reasons for PAT Testing. 

1. Comply with the law (regulations S.I NO.299 OF 2007) 
2. Comply with some insurance company requirements 
3. Protect the integrity and professionalism of your company 
4. Protect your company from possible court action 
5. Protect your employees. 
6. Protect visiting clients on your premises.
7. Keep track of you assets

We offer a service of Portable Appliance Testing, which covers all voltages from 115v to 400v. We will call to your premises to carry out a full survey of all the equipment requiring testing. On instruction to proceed and prior to commencing we will meet with you again to ascertain that our plan for testing is in line with your company's requirements, ensuring as little inconvenience as possible to your ongoing business.


Kettles, toasters, tills, fridges, power tools, 110v transformers and anything else with a plug fitted to it. 

The Law

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work(General Application) Regulations S.I NO.299 of 2007 it is now a requirement under Irish law that all businesses are obliged to carry out PAT Testing on all portable appliances to ensure the safety and welfare of both employees and customers. The onus to carry out PAT Testing now falls entirely at the feet of the employer who is 100% responsible.

In order to comply with regulations records must be kept for at least five years for random spot checks carried out by the HSA. Irish Insurers/Underwriters are now requesting proof that all portable appliances comply with the legislation prior to the renewal of existing or commencement of new policies. From 1st November 2007, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work(General Application)Regulations S.I NO.299 of 2007.


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